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When it comes to the collection of amenities in Sanremo Oasis Cebu, it can be argued that this is one of the few if not the only development with such amenities. The first set of amenities that show the modernity and affluence in this modest development is the collection of pools. The developer did not just build one swimming with shallow and deep ends, but other pools to serve different ages. The kiddie pool is targeted at children. This is where they learn to swim and do their own maneuvers in water. It is safe and a facility your kids will enjoy. 

The pre-teens swimming pool is much bigger and targeted at those who are almost becoming teenagers. As you can tell, this is a pool where there is boisterous activity. Some teenagers also find this pool much safer especially when they are learning to swim. The lap pool is the biggest of all and it’s intended for teenagers and adults. Its proximity to the other pools makes it easier for you to swim here while your children enjoy themselves in the other pools. It’s a beautiful place to learn how to swim. 

The clubhouse is the second most significant amenities in this development that you will most definitely cherish. This is where everybody finds their own corner. If you are a person who loves pool, there is a table here from where you can play. For those who love reading, there is a book lovers corner where people discuss authors, plots, and the newest releases in book series. Informal gatherings often happen over coffee or a cup of tea right here as people catch up on the days and weeks stories. 

The basketball court is open to anyone who wants to dribble and have fun. If you want to sweat it out with the boys, this is the court where you should be. You will always find someone training or just catching up with others here. Not to mention that the court is professionally done and you can actually use it for serious tournament practices. 

Parking space is usually a challenge in communities that have lots of people like Sanremo Oasis Cebu. However, here the case is different because Filinvest made enough provisions and included a basement parking. This means even if your visitors come, they will not be stranded not knowing where to park. 

Safety is a major concern everywhere and in Cebu City, measures have been put in place to ensure people live in peace and harmony. Sanremo Oasis Cebu has gone the extra mile to provide additional security features within its environment. Fire exits have been installed as precautionary measures in the event of an inferno. There is also an automatic fire alarm system and sprinkler to go along with it just in case the emergency gets serious. The entrance and the perimeter wall are manned 24/7 by competent security services whose efforts are complemented by CCTV cameras. 

Electricity supply here is reliable and well distributed as is water supply. The provision of basic amenities ensures that life is comfortable and people think about other things other than foundational services.

  • Kiddie pool
  • Pre-teens' pool
  • Lap pool
  • Play area
  • Basketball court
  • Clubhouse
  • Natural ventilation for common areas
  • Spacious lobby and corridors
  • Service stairs
  • Individual mailboxes
  • Basement parking (for sale)
  • Sufficient fire exits
  • Cistern Tank
  • Automatic fire alarm sprinkler system
  • 24-hour security services
  • CCTV cameras
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