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Filinvest : Sanremo Oasis Cebu For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
2 Bedroom ₱ 3,000,000 29 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Cash Payments (Spot Cash Upon Reservation)
With 8% Discount from 90% TLP
80% Payable upon Reservation
10% Retention due upon Delivery of title
Cash Payment (within 30 days)
With 5% discount from 90% TLP
90% Payable with in 30 days from reservation
10% Retention due upon delivery of Title.
Deferred Cash
24 Months 0% Interest
In-House Financing
20% Equity payable in 24 month (Bldg 3 and &7), 80% Balance up to 10 years to pay
Metro Bank financing
1st 10% Equity payable in 24 months (Bldg 3 & 7) Until Oct. 31, 2011 (with 3% disc on TLP applied to DP)
90% Balance Loanble to Metro Bank

Sanremo Oasis Cebu is an affordable strategically located development with lots of amenities. Looking at the photos and 3D imagery, you may think that this is an extremely expensive development. On the contrary, every facility you see is shared and this makes living here enjoyable where you get to know your neighbors quite fast. The playgrounds. Lush green gardens, and other facilities are intentionally designed to make your living luxurious. 

Cebu City is some sort of a paradise with a booming economy and the best business climate. Whether you are coming here to work or simply as an investor, one thing you can be guaranteed is that you will find life at its finest. The attractions, fine dining, and resorts are some of the major establishments that make life in the city enjoyable. It is safe here and this can be confirmed by an international survey that was done in 2015 that announced Cebu City as one of the safest for residents in southeast Asian cities. Infrastructure is also a key selling point and one that makes moving around quite easy and fast. For investors, your property will appreciate in value faster than you can imagine. 

With consultation and site tripping, a unit or two in Sanremo Oasis Cebu can be yours! There are payment plans if you don’t have enough upfront cash. Just visit, sample the properties, make reservations, and the documentation will be done for you. Sanremo Oasis Cebu promises you a life of luxury within affordable limits.


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