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If you have ever thought of living closer to daily essentials, Sanremo Oasis Cebu makes this dream come true. It has redefined the meaning of modernity and leisure by introducing nature as the third complementary component. For shopaholics, there are enough malls around showcasing the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle essentials. For people who love night life and the fun that goes with eating out, there are extravagant restaurants right here in Sanremo Oasis Cebu. On top of this, businesses seem to love this area because of the BPO buildings and other support services at City di Mare. 

From where the development is located, Canete Vulcanizing is about 1.39 kilometers along Cebu South Coastal Road. Here, you will find all sorts of motor vehicle parts and other accessories. There are two other malls within a radius of 1.6 kilometers one of which is SM Seaside City and SM Seaside City Cebu. These malls are stocked with all sorts of merchandise from some of the world’s best sellers and stores. The Inayawan Public Market located 1.77 km from Sanremo Oasis Cebu is one of the favorites here for fresh foods including fruits and vegetables. 

For eateries, you won’t have to go far from this place to have fun and enjoy the region’s delicacies. Lantaw SRP is one of the highly rated restaurants located on Cebu South Coastal Road. It sells a large variety of foods including delicious soups at affordable prices. There is also the Food Strip which is just 1.59 km and offers a wide variety of foods locals fancy here. As you enter this joint, you will be prompted with the question, Gutom ka? Which literally means are you hungry. This joint separate itself from the others by serving local favorites such as liempo, barbecue, and pork belly. It is also a good base for those who are craving seafood. From Sundays to Thursdays, the working hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. while Fridays and Saturdays the working hours extend to 2 a.m. into the morning. 

Schooling and the choice of education facilities is probably one of the things that you consider top on your list as you look for a property here. Living in Sanremo Oasis Cebu guarantees you two things; quality and affordable education. Just 1.96 km from here, there is a school known as Pardo Elementary School. It is located on A. Gabuya Street. This school was established 71 years ago and to date it has lived its promise of providing quality education to children and yours too can be a beneficiary of their long-held tradition of success. 

This location is also home to some of the best hospitals in the region. The closest health facility from here is located 1.81 kilometers away and is known as Barangay Inayawan Health Center. This facility is well-equipped and has adequate staff to deal with any emergencies and other health demands that may be thrown at it.

Malls :

  • Canete Vulcanizing - 1.39 km
  • SM Seaside City Cebu - 1.42 km
  • SM Seaside City - 1.62 km
  • Inayawan Public Market - 1.77 km

Restaurants :

  • Lantaw SRP - 0.79 km
  • Food Strip - 1.59 km

Schools :

  • Pardo Elementary School - 1.96 km

Hospitals :

  • Barangay Inayawan Health Center - 1.81 km
Sanremo Oasis Cebu Location

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